We are committed to our customer's expectations. We respect their valuable suggestions, their demands for solutions and services of complex applications, assistance in special projects and in identifying important trends from time to time.

It is our quality of work and expertise in the domain that has kept our clients more than satisfied.

Over the last 18 years we have built confidence in over 75 companies located globally in use of our services.

  • Anglo Eastern Ship Management, India/ Hong Kong/ Singapore/ Germany
  • Asia Pacific Ship Management, Singapore
  • Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement, India/ China/ Germany/ Greece/ Singapore
  • BW Epic Kosan, Singapore
  • Carsten Rehder Schiffsmakler Und Reederei, Germany
  • Columbia Ship Management, Singapore/ Germany
  • Diamond Ship Management, Singapore
  • Dockendale Ship Management DMC Co., Dubai
  • Eagle Star Ship Management, Singapore
  • Executive Ship Management, Singapore
  • Fairmont Shipping (HK) Ltd
  • Fleet Management Limited, Hong Kong/ Cyprus/ Singapore/ India
  • Gold Bridge Shipping Ltd
  • Hoegh Technical Management Inc
  • Ishima Pte Ltd
  • Lomar Shipping, UK
  • Maersk Line A/S, Denmark
  • Maersk Tankers A/S, Denmark
  • Milaha Ship Management, Qatar
  • MSI Ship Management, Singapore
  • MSC Ship Management Limited, Cyprus
  • MTM Ship Management
  • NGM Energy, Greece
  • Norstar Ship Management Pte Ltd
  • Providence Ship Management, Singapore
  • Reederei Claus-Peter Offen(GmbH & Co.) KG
  • RHL Reederei Hamburger Lloyd GmbH & CO KG
  • Teekay Tankers, Singapore
  • Thome Ship Management, Singapore/ Germany
  • Torm A/S, Denmark
  • Transworld Ship Management
  • Wah Kwong Ship Management, Hong Kong
  • Wallem Ship Management, Hong Kong/ Singapore
  • Wan Hai Lines
  • V- Ships
  • Zeaborn Ship Management, Singapore/ Germany
  • Zodiac Maritime, UK

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