KSS Shipping Services Pvt. Ltd.

About Us

KSS Shipping Services was established in December 2005 in Mumbai, India to provide various technical services to the shipping industry in the global market.

The company was founded by a senior marine professional with experience in ship technical management services and the technical department of Indian maritime administration.

Our experience extends to all aspects with respect to ship operations and maintenance. We have expertise in Hull Management of ships and other marine structures and it forms the core activity of various services offered. 

We have a team of well-experienced technicians for Structural assessment of marine structure/ ships hull by Ultrasonic Thickness Gauging including the use of Remote Inspection techniques. 

Our Company is approved by most members of the International Association of Classification Society for carrying out the Thickness measurement of Hull on vessels under their class and includes use of remote inspection techniques.

We also provide other non-destructive testing and marine services as required by our clients. 

At KSS Shipping Services we are offering the various shipping services, emphasizing quality, competitive cost-effective rates. 

The company gained experience in over 1200 vessels during the last 15 years and together with experienced employees exceed 5000 vessels. It includes all types and sizes of vessels and other marine installations.